Neil “Dutch” Kuyper, President and CEO

Waimea, Big Island of Hawai’i -The Board of Directors of Parker Ranch, Inc. (PRI) has announced the appointment of Neil “Dutch” Kuyper as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective February 28, 2011.

Timothy E. Johns, Trustee

Tim Johns’ Trust experience and knowledge of land stewardship and natural resources plays an important role in Parker Ranch’s asset appreciation and diversification, helping to perpetuate the legacy of Richard Smart in achieving the long term intent of the Trust.

Michael Gibson, Trustee

Michael Gibson brings a wealth of experience as director of Palani and Ponoholo Ranches and as a hearing officer for the Board of Land and Natural Resources and the Hawaii Planning Commission. His vast legal perspective adds a valuable element to the diverse backgrounds of the Parker Ranch Foundation Trust Trustees.

Brendan G. Moynahan, Trustee

Brendan “Pete” Moynahan brings lengthy experience as trustee of a private trust with interests in real estate and retailing to the Parker Ranch Foundation Trust. His know-how will help perpetuate the legacy of Richard Smart and increase income to fund beneficiary distributions.